First ever college reunion awaits at the beginning of October. Glad we are still considered young alumni who receive discount at numerous events; sad my SUNet ID got deactivated after four years or so — no longer able to log into axess for some instant self-degradation by that piece of (electronic) paper called the transcript (nope, must pay to get it now).

Unfortunately, it’s doubtful I will be able to make it with no vacation days left. But I’m sure I’ll be reminiscent quite a bit these days, starting with this video made about our senior project, the iClub. Built upon technologies developed by the Stanford Interactive Workspace Project, the video was featured at Ubicomp Conference 2002. Go Josh go!…where did the cute moose come from?


Little Tricks


Given: x, n where n is a power of 2, mask = ~(n – 1)

x & mask = the greatest multiple of n that is less or equal to x

(x + (n – 1)) & mask = the smallest multiple of n that is greater or equal to x


x & (x – 1) clears x’s rightmost 1 to 0 in binary