VisualDNA seems to be popping up on everyone’s blog these days. (See? I made one below, too. WordPress doesn’t allow JavaScript, so it is just a screenshot, good enough.) While it is interesting and visually appealing, categorizing someone with a meager number of image selections is simply silly. At least pure words are pretty accurate when connotating a meaning. But a picture itself has endless interpretations depending on the viewer. For example, I picked the smoothie drink only because it looked the prettiest and I love mango smoothie, but the visualDNA description says I picked it because I care about healthy drinks….NOT!!!
Aroma Waker: I don’t know about waking up by the aroma, but the clock certainlly looks very chic, and I don’t mind smelling refreshing garden breeze at home once a while. It’s all very “zen”.
Aroma Waker
Humping dog: follow the link to see these animals in action…awww….
Humping dogs
egoSurf claims that they “help massage the web publishers ego”. Well, after seeing multiple BIG FAT ZEROS on those suckers like the one above, my ego has been massaged so thoroughly that it dissipated completely.
So are you a BIG FAT ZERO?
I really don’t ask for much. Just let me live in this place.
room1 room2 room3
看不到曹雪芹的后四十回真是一大憾, 挖古的同志们加把劲, 说不定奇迹会出现.


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