Target Commercial

Several times after seeing a Target commercial on TV, Stan would sigh admiringly, “They have the coolest commercials.” I must admit they are pretty fancy, especially considering the category of stores Target belongs to. After all, Target’s main consumer pool should be pretty low-tiered on the social stratus. But its commercials are so chicly glittering that they overpower some of the major department stores in this area. The newest installment of this string of fancy commercials is especially memorable, because it did a very nice adaptation of Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye”.

Yet how come watching these commercials always creeps me out, and reminds me of nothing but the “Stepford Wives”?



  1. ariza said,

    六月 20, 2007 在 4:43 下午

    of course target is cool. it is pronouced as [tar:’ja].

  2. bombie said,

    六月 20, 2007 在 4:52 下午

    欧! 外国人来了.

  3. chenxin said,

    十一月 10, 2007 在 5:29 下午

    hahaha are they cool enough to shop at Target?? I love that place! beats Walmart~

  4. bombie said,

    十一月 12, 2007 在 11:48 上午

    Of course, Walmart is a dump.


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