Rare Device
Apartment Therapy featured Rare Device today, and oh my, what a fantastic selection of unique, stylish home accessaries they have! The wallpaper prints remind me of Urban Outfitters, but they are by no mean restricted to the funky culture of the latter. Some of their pieces are cheerful and dreamy, such as the Jill Bliss Poster (left image), reminiscent of a boldly colorful fashion show I recently saw on Full Frontal Fashion — I’m dying to recall who the designer was: Indian-looking name with a “sh” somewhere, but the guy didn’t look Indian at all. His Spring 2007 collection is pure, visual marajuana. Others are cute and innovative like the Lumen Oil Lamp (right) which “when lit, throws a shadow onto the wall that flickers according to the air currents in the room.”

Only down side is that the store is in Brooklyn!…a distant and alien part of New York to me. Still, the temptation is just too great. I must check it out in the near future. One can really waste endless cycles of lives dwelling and indulging in the pleasure of such pretty little things…well, if only there is such thing as life cycles.

Update (September 10th, 2007): so I finally got to see this store in person, and it’s tiny! The storefront is tiny, the space is tiny, the selection is tiny, and even the Re-Surface lamp that I found irresistible on their website is tiny in reality! I’ll stick with the online store. One less reason to go to Brooklyn.



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