The About Page

I was clicking away on the “Next Blog” link, and noticed that a lot people has an “About” page that says, “This is an example of a WordPress page…”. Either they are entirely oblivious of the “pages” feature, or they don’t have time or the intention to do anything about it. Being a perfectionist, I would rather believe it’s the former. Otherwise, the blogger is doing a very sloppy job. The least you can do is to just delete that page, if you have nothing interesting to put there. So frequently I come upon a nice looking blog, start to like it, and then there it is, the “About” page with those dreadful words, which makes my good impression on that blogger very ephemeral. People really need to be more attentive of their environment, god!

May is going to be movies month:

I’m hungry and random.



  1. taraden said,

    五月 2, 2006 在 5:12 下午

    LOL, that’s funny I always think the same thing when i come across blogs, with the generic “about page” as well.


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