WOW at 60


Now only if we had a guide like this for the real thing: “Human Life AT ADULTHOOD”.

From birth to college, we (at least our parents) always knew exactly what the next expected goal in life is. Following through the string of goals leads to the ultimate reward, a college degree. It is a path everyone treads on. Though some digress from the path for various reasons, it is always there, ready for them to come back to, because this is the commonly accepted way, the most legitimate way of life as a newbie in the world.

Similarly in WOW, there is a well-planned road of quests to complete, one set of quests leads you to a higher-leveled region with more difficult quests, and completing these quests naturally brings you to level 60 sooner or later.

But after reaching level 60, aka adulthood, it’s a whole new world. There is no longer a single objective to strive for. Do whatever you decide to do, and take sole responsibility for the consequences, whatever they may be. This scares people, because they naturally like to follow a guide, some sort of established safe route that brings about security and fulfillment. Having too many choices, and more importantly, having to deal with the end results of those choices, make them uneasy and frustrated.

To think about it, this is also why some of us play games in the first place. Entering a world with a clear set of rules, in which everywhere you turn there is someone giving you specific instructions on what to do next as well as the assurance that there will be rewards at the end, temporarily relieves the anxiety and voidness that each of us feel at some point in life.

So level 60 presents a problem. The freedom of will it offers is just too nostalgic of the place we are trying to run away from. I am only at level 30 and already constantly wondering what my outlook would be at 60. Well, no more wondering. Whoever posted this guide just reassured me a single-minded, brainless, thus worry-free life in the WOW.



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